Yucatan – April 2014

Whale shark off Cancùn

First underwater images for a while!

We decided to take Thomas on a little adventure. After researching the various possible destinations, we choose Mexico, which offered a good combination of diving and resort facilities.

Also it was great to catch-up with my friend Budgie Burgess, a brilliant guide who made me discover the cenotes around the Riviera Maya quite a few years ago. Budgie & I had fun playing with lights   in Grand Cenote and Calaverde in Tulum.

I also ventured into the big vast Atlantic ocean to see what’s there.

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Diver Magazine – April 2014

Diver Magazine - April 2014
Diver Magazine - April 2014
Diver Magazine – April 2014

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog. We’ve been kind of busy since the arrival of Thomas.

My friend Steve Warren has written a very moving article in this month’s Diver Magazine about the filming trip we made a few years ago to visit the wreck of the Bowbelle in Madeira. We travelled with film maker Drew Sutton, a survivor of the Marchioness disaster keen to exorcise the demons.

Here are a few images from the expedition.

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